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Snuggle time

whops Stiles has become tiny… :/ Or just Derek is a big hunk.

Derek wants to sleep but Stiles doesn’t seem tired. The power of human youth.

the second is my favorite even if I didn’t color any of this properly.

I blame Stiles’ socks. thats the reason I added colors

Okay but how did I get into a debate with my ex-teacher about multitasking?

Who fucked up their sleep schedule?



  • offers other person the second twix at a bus stop au
  • share an umbrella in a hail storm au
  • car broke down at same shitty restaurant in the middle of nowhere au
  • 'why does my shitty neighbour keeps using my wifi' 'then you shouldntve made the password a dumb lord of the rings reference' au
  • lost cat au
  • tech support au
  • only ones at dumb demonstration au

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Newly-Human Derek Hale reciting the ‘beer before liquor’ mantra under his breath as he scans the shelves behind the bar before he orders a drink

Newly-Human Derek Hale wincing at the taste of alcohol and switching to ordering alcopops like a high school sophomore to mask the burn on his tongue

Tipsy Newly-Human Derek Hale forgetting the name of his drink and asking for ‘another one of the pineapple ones! Those… Those’re nice!’

Tipsy Newly-Human Derek Hale telling Stiles to stop calling him a lightweight - he’s at an unfair disadvantage and has no tolerance ok

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale finger-pointing along with the jukebox because ‘oh my god this song is SO good’

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale awkwardly shuffling around on the dance floor and doing this little booty-snap thing that has at least six people pausing mid-sip to watch

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale slumped in the seat of the booth they claimed, shirt ridden up, fluffy belly on show, grinning and telling everyone ‘I totally get the appeal of getting a buzz on now’

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale cheering so hard when Kira walks in he knocks over his Bacardi Breezer and has to get a new one

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale telling Lydia she was much too good for Jackson

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale addressing Scott as ‘brother’ for literally the first time ever

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale being manhandled home and nuzzling his stubble on Stiles’ shoulder

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale dropping his keys three times before getting them into the lock

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale refusing to go to sleep and instead wondering what else he’s missed out on - what’s facebook all about? 3am is the perfect time to set up a profile!

Drunk Newly-Human Derek Hale passing out taking half-dressed selfies for his profile picture and sending them to Stiles for his opinion

Hungover Newly-Human Derek Hale renouncing sunlight and talking above a whisper and no, Stiles, I haven’t looked at my phone, why are you over here at 10am screaming at me about this?

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Sterek AU: Derek is the Hale family’s golden boy. He’s smart, quiet, hard-working, helpful, ungodly handsome and Beacon Hills citizens adore him. That’s why everyone tells him to stay away from “that trouble-making Sheriff’s son” - Stiles. Derek’s not sure he can.

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Destiel + text posts

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Anxiety masterpost


To forget about it for a while:

call a friend and talk about something else, like how their day has been. draw something as detailed as you can. make henna tattoos. paint your nails. read a book, magazine or newspaper. put on loud pop music that you can dance to. put on music and sing along. focus on each breath you inhale and exhale. clean a room, a corner or even the whole house! choose an object, like an eraser, and find as many things as you can that you can use it for. write a novel out of a poem or a joke. choose a photo and “draw it with words”. find an object and describe it as detailed as you can. What colour it is, size, weight, shape, what it’s used for, etc. arrange your books/CDs by colour or the alphabet. clean your closet. Take out all of your clothes, put away those you don’t want or need and donate them to charity. Sort the rest of them by colour, material etc.

When feeling angry and need to let out emotions:

dance hysterically to loud music. tear/cut an old shirt that you don’t need. throw plastic bottles at a wall. go outside, take a walk, run. blow balloons and then pop them as fast as you can. write a letter to or about a person who hurt you, even though you don’t have to send it. have a pillow fight with someone, or a wall. say all the curse words you know of.

To get rid of negative feelings:

look at yourself in the mirror and write a list with every single thing you like about yourself. have a bath and relax. comfort and allow yourself to feel sad. watch a movie. build a fort with blankets and pillows. cook something, bake a cake or cookies. write down your feelings. make lists over your favourite movies, books, singers/bands, clothes, anything you want. take a nap.

Instead of self-harm (these are not recommended to be done frequently)

hold an ice-cube in your hand. put your finger in frozen food, like ice cream, and hold it there for a minute. take a hot or cold shower. eat wasabi, chilli or pepper. Use the ten-minutes rule. Tell yourself to wait 10 minutes without hurting yourself. When 10 minutes have passed, wait another 10 minutes. If 10 feels like too long, wait 5 minutes.

Before you hurt yourself, answer these questions:

how am I feeling right now? why am I feeling this way? why do I want to hurt myself? have I been in a similar situation before? How did I solve it? If I didn’t solve it then, what can I do to solve it now? is there anything left that I can try before hurting myself? do I really want/need to hurt myself?

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